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A Decision

Alright everybody. I have had people weigh in on whether I should write daily and have decided the following:

While I started this blog in the image of Seth Godin (whose blog I have always enjoyed and whose opinion I have always respected) who writes daily, I have decided to take a break on Sundays.

My hope is that you won’t see me as any less diligent but I do often pick on the fact that people can’t get away from their cell phones and emails for any stretch of time. Perhaps by providing a break on Sunday it could be a constant reminder to put down your tech (at least for a little while).

From a purely selfish perspective I often make pancakes and bacon for my kids on Sunday. This break on Sunday might not only allow me to pursue the construction of the “perfect” pancake, but keep my keyboard from the dreaded effects of maple syrup. A total Win-Win from where I am sitting.

My hope is that this will work for you, but if you are totally scorched by this change then please let me know.

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