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How it Begins

We have all likely run into arrogant people.  They are not only tough to deal with but likely useless when you are trying to build teams.

The “I’m right, you’re wrong” approach taken by the arrogant usually alienates most people around them.

But I don’t think people become arrogant overnight.  I don’t think there is suddenly a poof a smoke and that person is reborn wearing a “Your opinion Sucks!” T-shirt.  More likely arrogance is built from bad habits.

And one of those habits is that they stop listening to those around them.  “Why should I listen to others?”, they might say.  “I have more education, more experience, better hair (or whatever the reason), so my opinion is better.”

To stop listening is to stop learning and when you do this your opinion becomes LESS informed, not more informed.  The best leaders I have known have been strong in their thinking but ALWAYS interested in others’ opinions and their thought process.  All of us miss things and can get stuck in our own thinking.  Listening to those around us provides perspective.

So what’s the point?:

  1. Keep arrogant people away from your team formation.  They are more interested in their own success and “rightness” and so undermine team success.  No matter how smart they might be, I think you will find the damage they can do far outweighs any benefit you might derive.

  2. Never stop listening.  No matter how much you think you know, how strong your opinion is, there is always room for new thinking and something that can adjust your world view. We should all join the “wipe out arrogance” club.  Our results will improve dramatically.

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