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TGA Wealth Map 

How we invest

As a business owner it's likely that your financial life is more complicated than most people. As wealth managers who specialize in working with business owners and business owners ourselves, we can relate. 


In business consulting, goals are sometimes set in isolation; family goals distinct from business. At Twin Gryphon, we believe business goals must be set with the family in mind and vice versa. Without this alignment, you risk hurting your business, your family, or both.  

The TGA Wealth Map is a consulting process that focuses on the health of the business first. We believe that without the business, there is no personal planning or consulting that can be achieved. The Wealth Map seeks to grow your assets and guide your business through growth, succession, or whatever life brings.  

We understand how complicated your financial life can be. Schedule a consultation today to see how our process can benefit you, your business, and your family. 


Want to learn more? 

Click here for access to a downloadable outline of our TGA Wealth Map process. 

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