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Our Investment Approach

How we invest

 These are the twin disciplines of our active management.

  1. To protect against principal loss in bad markets by trying to reduce exposure.

  2. To protect against the erosion of wealth by pursuing the strongest opportunities in up markets.


Is our approach right for you? YOU DECIDE.

A description of our active investment philosophy is most effectively captured by the name of our firm – Twin Gryphon. The gryphon in history often represents courage and protection.   We use this image to show our commitment to protecting our clients’ wealth.


Most see protection as a singular pursuit of preventing losses in bad markets, but we view this as only half the concern, or the 'First Gryphon'.  The second protection – our 'Second Gryphon' – reminds us that we must have the courage to seek out strong returns when the market gives us those opportunities. 

Acting in this way, we do our best to protect our client’s wealth against any inevitable decline of the market.  

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