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Active Investment Management

This is a fancy way of saying that our portfolio team seeks to be in the right sectors and stocks when the market is doing well.


It also means that when the market deteriorates, we are willing to actively reduce exposure to the market's downside. 

We understand that many might favor passive asset allocation strategies, but we believe that our active management might provide opportunities for higher returns and better asset protection.

Our process incorporates the following inputs:

  • Macro-economic analysis

  • Fundamental analysis

  • Technical analysis

In short, for our clients (especially those who are entrepreneurs), it is better for us to have our hands on the wheel.

Individualized Wealth Planning


We harness our backgrounds in financial planning and investments along with our network of legal and tax specialists to build a solid yet flexible plan to accommodate whatever life happens to throw your way. We have found that this flexibility allows for the fastest pivots to a better path.


We have been planning for individuals and business owners for over 25 years. Our clients have ranged from NYSE member firms and individuals to businesses in the fastest growing industries. 

Qualified Retirement Plan Advising

Building the best work teams now, more than ever, means taking care of your employees.  Building the right 401k/retirement programs can help attract and retain the right people.

From designing the best plan to efficiently operating the plan’s investments and compliance structure, Twin Gryphon can act as your plan adviser.   Our team can help build your retirement plan strategy as well as provide support for ongoing operations.  In many cases we even share the role of plan fiduciary.

The right retirement plan is rewarding for all involved.

Business Consulting &
TGA Wealth Map 

For an Entrepreneur/Business Owner there is simply no greater source of wealth than the business that they are growing.

To address all other aspects of wealth creation and ignore their business is to do only half the job as wealth advisers.

For this purpose, we provide consulting services most often dealing with financial modeling/profitability, benefit and incentive structures and business monetization/business succession strategies.
To help our clients grow their business is to help them grow their wealth.

Learn more about our TGA Wealth Map system.

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