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Get Unstuck

What’s an eddy?

Well, not to get too esoteric, it is a place in a river that – due to an obstacle in the river –causes a distortion that flows in the opposite direction of the river.

Okay, so what has this got to do with operating a small business? Plenty.

Imagine the business flowing down the river to our destination. We hit the business equivalent of an eddy all the time. We get stuck. We get stuck on how to deal with an employee, we get stuck on what markets to pursue, we get stuck on what systems to establish in the business, we even get stuck on logo design for setting up our business.

And here is the insidious issue with eddies, they can become comfortable. The river, flowing fast and uncertain, can become overwhelming at times. Why not hang out in an eddy for a bit and take a break?

Well, for starters, hanging out in an eddy is not getting you any closer to your destination. That is the fact. We can kid ourselves that we are still in the river by playing around with logos for hours or coming up with sales plans without calling anyone, but we are not. We are moving in the opposite direction.

Stop relaxing in the eddy. Get unstuck and push back out into the river. Yes, it is scarier, yes it lacks certainty, but “yes” it is moving in the right direction.

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