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Learning to Walk

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

For years we go to school and during classes it is beaten into us that we must never make mistakes.

Otherwise you FAIL!

But at our most basic level, I think this works directly against the order of nature.

When learning to walk (before we are even truly conscious of our process), we know instinctively that falling down means getting up and trying again and again until we succeed. Otherwise we would see a lot of people simply rolling around for the rest of their lives.

Becoming an entrepreneur means to undo what we learned in school and get back to learning to walk. No matter how many freakin business books you read there is no way to know all the answers to your business. The way you get anywhere is to try, fall down, get up, learn, try again.

Sometimes when we fail at something, we imagine we can hear the voices of our past teachers berating us for our failure.

Instead, next time you hit a wall, imagine the laughter of a little child learning to walk….and then to run.

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