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Dave Grohl, lead singer of the Foo Fighters, broke his leg in Sweden playing a show. He tripped, stumbled and ran right off the stage to drop 14 feet onto the concrete. – Ouch!

The band was about to start a North American tour and it could have been a mess but that flipped around.

Influenced by his drive, and (in his words) possibly the effect of the painkillers, Dave Grohl sketched a “throne” as he called it.

Over the next 5 days his roadie team pulled together to work out the details and actually build the throne. They hooked the throne up to all sorts of lights, the sound system, and even sketched on it the Foo Fighters logo. They even made it mobile enough to roll out to the end of the runway for certain songs.

This allowed Dave to go from being out of a tour to being able to play sitting down and not miss a gig. They have even named the tour the Broken Leg Tour and have printed T shirts to commemorate the shows.

So what turned this seemingly tough situation around? A team that worked tirelessly to construct the throne? A band willing to do what it took to help move the tour forward? Dave himself for designing some of the throne?

All of these were part of it but at the center is a guy who loves his music who wanted more than anything to play and would not quit. This is the necessity and drive out of which spectacular ideas are born.

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