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Walk Softly, but Carry a Big Stick

In this world there is a tendency to want to broadcast.

If you do this with respect to your corporate culture you had better be careful.

Many firms talk about their wonderful culture.  “We have done this, we have done that”

But your Corporate culture – and I have said this multiple times -is not simply what the CEO and company leadership says it is.

At it’s deepest, and I would say the most meaningful level, it is what the employees and people doing the work believe it is.

And this is where the trouble can begin.  A CEO pumps up their culture and sells this beautiful picture externally but when a customer enters a store they experience none of it.

And here is were you lose the customer.  They stop believing you.  They stop trusting you.  And they are gone.

Better for most CEOs to shut up and stop externally selling their culture.  Work with your team internally.  Build them up, live up to your promises, reward the right behavior.

A CEO should walk softly and let the beliefs and actions of their team take the form of the “big stick”.

Then you can have a strong effective culture.

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