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Call out 'Rat' Behavior

China, in a never ending quest to limit freedom, looks like it will embed Cybercops into various firms to try and further control internet traffic.

Awesome. Nothing says “jump out of bed and get to work” more than the idea that you could be caught doing something wrong (even unintentionally) and imprisoned for years. Would you say this might affect the work culture? Yeah, probably just a little bit.

But while we may not have Cybercops per se don’t we all encounter people from time to time that are pretty much rats? They can’t wait to run to the boss and tell them what’s going on. They seem to have no actual talent other than to snitch on their fellow team members.

Now let me be clear, if you are doing something blatantly wrong then fine but often poor bosses use rats to simply spy. These bosses think it provides some level of control.

So to that degree, rats can be brought into a firm through poor hiring or actually created through really poor leadership that rewards, in some way, this type of behavior.

And guess what, when you get one rat you get more and your culture is ultimately toast.

So if you are a team member and you see this behavior call it out and bring it to the light of day. If you are a boss don’t even think of rewarding this behavior. It will crush your team’s soul.

Beware the Rats. If you find any, then drop a piece of cheese outside the building, wait for them to leave and then bolt the doors.

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