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A Bad Organization

What would you call an organization who:

  1. Made accusations they could not definitively prove.

  2. That arbitrates its own decisions.

  3. That commissions an independent report that they then allow their own attorneys to edit prior to release.

  4. That take the “generally aware” conclusion of that independent report and then state, in court, that they believe that the accused was not only generally aware but also intentionally conspired and schemed (though they can’t prove it). Judge Berman yesterday not only indicated this was a stretch but a “quantum leap” in their hypothesis.

  5. That will not consider any possible settlement with the accused and will likely take this entire case to appeal, which will keep it highly publicized during that time.

  6. That, even if they, by some stretch win on the basis that they have authority under the labor contract, will now have alienated all the players in the labor association thus guaranteeing years of difficult negotiation.

This is the NFL. They have to be one of the very worst organizations in the universe. They have done more damage to their own product and their player relationships in a quest to – in my opinion – appease certain owners.

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