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Back at it Again

I am finally back.

It’s funny how this started.  Because I am in the securities business I must declare to our compliance department all outside activities.  And these must be reviewed.  This includes this blog as well as other activities.

I believe this is done to make sure I am not selling my services to people like the unsuspecting 8 year olds on the Lacrosse team that I coach.  Thank goodness, another crisis averted.

And while I took this break while the site was being reviewed, guess what?  I fell out of the habit.  I began to wonder if I was adding value.  If people really wanted to read what I had written.  I began to review my prior posts and “question” myself.  And I stopped.

When I reflect I am amazed how quickly the space caused by the drop in momentum became filled by doubt.

But the universe is an interesting place.  As I have been away from the writing the doubt started to fade.  Not everything I write needs to be perfect.  Maybe one message or note that resonates is all I need to help someone out.  And as I began to think this way I found people reaching out to ask me “hey, where’s the blog?” (most recently – last night – my cousin Dennis).  So my hat’s off to you guys to giving me a kick in the butt.

I don’t think that what I went through is in any way unique.  I think we all get sidetracked.  I think it might not be back to take these diversions as a moment to reflect on what’s important.

If it’s not important, to be okay to set down the task and let it go.  If it is important, to get moving again.

So here we go.  Thanks

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