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I haven’t posted for some time given priorities and schedule but given the Brexit vote I had to jump in because I see some connections.

Prior to the vote we were all treated to people sighting multiple experts discussing the doom of the UK if they chose to leave.  They made many high level, possibly compelling, arguments about the market system and all the benefits.

But they forgot one item.  The emotion and heart of the people within the system who felt disconnected from the governing body.

I won’t get further into the politics but I will talk to all the entrepreneurs who have an idea.  In a world full of “experts” you will be told again and again how your idea is doomed to fail.  How no one will buy what you are selling.  Here is my advice:  take what they are saying with a huge grain of salt.

Listen instead to your potential customers.  Talk to them, pay attention to them, build a solution for them.  These are the voters you must and can please.

And, as in the Brexit vote, many experts have not a clue about the emotions or desires of the people in the system or the willingness of any entrepreneur to push forward and make things happen.

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