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Change is "a Comin"

Uber – among others – is becoming a real pain in the ass for traditional bureaucracies.

The Labor department is now weighing in on the definition of “employee” to try and address Uber’s model. The cab companies don’t like it, the unions don’t like it and government isn’t sure what to do with it so challenges are mounted.

But here is the reality: Uber is offering benefits to BOTH customers and its drivers. The drivers get flexibility and customers get (based on reviews) better service. This means it creates a network effect for both groups simultaneously and will continue to grow.

As the world gets more connected and the sharing economy is born you will never win the war of ideas by simply saying “not that”.   Traditional bureaucracies that used to win by simply “boxing someone out” are going to have a tougher time as great concepts can get directly to the people.

Maybe, just maybe, these companies like Uber will force even more benefits. Perhaps stodgy bureaucracies will stop trying to simply “kill” new ideas and might actually ask themselves how they could improve their own service for their employees and their customers?

I can dream can’t I?

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