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Living with Conflict

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

I was drafting in a fantasy football league last night and I got to messaging about Chris Borland (a young tough linebacker who basically retired from the league because he thought the risks of injury had gotten too high).

“Am I conflicted?” was the question. “Damn Straight I am” is the answer.

I love football not just from watching it but I played a lot of it. But I, too, have had concussions and I know the risks of injury. And right now my kids play flag football and I won’t let them play tackle.

Maybe this is temporary thinking, maybe this is permanent. We shall see.

I suppose some may call me hypocritical for supporting fantasy football while I have reservations about having my kids play the game but it may be because I am in the process of making up my mind. I am not sure here.

But isn’t part of decision making a matter of living with conflict for a little while?

So right now I will live in the “in between” but it won’t last forever.

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