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Control Freak; Change It

Certain people in organizations like control.  They like to control information, they like to control team assignments, they like to control the lunch menu ;-).  Just kidding but not by much.

Control is usually a manifestation of fear.  Some people worry that if they don’t control a process then people will view them as unnecessary.

But they should take the risk.  They should move beyond this struggle to control.  They should invest themselves in a good team for a bigger result.

People in control may feel that they are just “steering the process”.  That without them things would be lost.

But what they actually are is just one large bottleneck to team development and a hindrance to the best possible outcome.

If you are a control freak, change it or risk falling behind.

If you work for a control freak, leave and find your better self in a great team somewhere else.

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