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Don't Play it Safe

I was reading about the judge’s decision in the recent FDA case. It seems as though some drug companies are making doctors aware of positive responses in certain scenarios that may have not been explicitly approved by the FDA.

The FDA sought to prevent drug companies from sharing this information completely but the judge ruled this was a limitation on free speech.

I understand the idea of “safe” but when does this pursuit become less about safety and more about control?

None of us want our kids to fall off a bike and get damaged so we buy helmets. But why stop there? Let’s wrap them in bubble wrap. Or, better yet, outlaw bicycles completely.

A safe life is not a happy life. If I thought about my moments of greatest learning, engagement, and growth there was absolutely some risk involved.

You can try and play it safe. You can try and bring your life down to completely predictable outcomes. But that’s probably not a life you would want to live.

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