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Stand Up to Critics

Don’t you love it when you put together a great piece of your work and then, when you put it on display, the critics come like ants to a picnic?

“Why didn’t you do it this way or, maybe, that way?”

The world grows critics like weeds because it is easy. Twitter and other services can often become an almost immediate source of complaint and whining.

But what isn’t easy is the effort at good work that we need to put forward.

It is easy to become intimidated by critics but you must have the courage to stand in front of the BS and keep moving. In the end you have one great advantage that the critics don’t have: Belief.

Here is a clip from the kid’s movie Ratatouille. I have always enjoyed this clip because it’s a scene of a food critic putting his own work in perspective (ah, if only all critics were so self-reflective).

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