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Do You Love it?

Do you love what you do?

Does it get you up in the morning and push you all day?

Are you having fun?

“Well that’s just childish Tim, who has fun all day?”

I will concede that not every job is a blast all the time. But, on the other hand, why would you put up with 8 or more hours a day of something that you dislike? Would you do this for a paycheck?

Are you willing to, at age 65, look at your grandkids and tell them that even though work was a complete pain in the ass you have a large balance in your 401k?

Is that a fair trade?

If your heart had anything to say about it, might it say “screw this, let’s find somewhere we can make a difference and have fun doing it”?

The path to this place might not be easy but I believe it’s worth the struggle.

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