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Hang Up

Talking with companies about culture is always a good experience. The positive vibe, the goal of treating people well, it’s all good.

But one of the pieces of the puzzle that gets left out is etiquette when it comes to communication. And I am not so much talking about communication at work but electronic communication outside work.

A company may honestly have as its goal to show respect and caring to its employees. Unfortunately respect and caring don’t come packaged in 72 emails at 2am.

Or how about when someone is on vacation? Jump off a jet ski, grab your phone, and pop right into that text string I’m sure you have been waiting to join.

Technology is awesome because we can be dialed in 24/7. Technology also sucks because we can be dialed in 24/7.

If you want to build a great culture be absolutely clear about when your people can “hang up” technologically. Nobody can run all out forever without burning out. Give them a breather and they will come back more refreshed.

But for this to happen you must give them permission.

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