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Look at Me, Look at Me

Boy, on weekends you really get a taste of the crazy.

People spouting opinions that are so ridiculous that you can’t take them seriously. But that isn’t the point is it? The point is “look at me”. Let me say something or do something completely extreme so I can get some attention.

I see some of this mixing into the culture. Looking for positions, people who do good work are up against people who simply scream louder and love to talk about themselves ad-infinitum.

Unfortunately this sometimes works as the people within organizations prefer to hire attention grabbing fools rather than highly effective, but perhaps quiet, people with IQs higher than a puppy.

Here’s some advice. If you are actually trying to build an organization stay away from “look at me” people. They may get you some attention in the short run but working with them is a nightmare. They often want to be the center of attention and can’t even spell “teamwork”.

Take care of your team. Promote the idea of “Look at Us”.

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