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Jack Dorsey of Twitter fame came out and reflected that “we should question how we hire”.

This seems so obvious it’s almost laughable.

At the same time, he’s not wrong.

When these two reactions exist simultaneously it means that everyone knows the system sucks but we

are all willing to just go alone with the dysfunction (and, well, get more “suckiness”).

Good and positive culture grows up from the ground and if you blow off your hiring process – or go for shortcuts – your organization is doomed to continually be re-creating and adjusting itself.

So stop being so stinking lazy;

Build networks outside your work/company bubbleBuild feedback relationships with your clients to discover their needs and identify others in their network that might fit your organization.Build training programs for kids coming out of school (even strong internship programs before they leave school)Create HR and other feedback loops internally to compare your original hiring decisions to ongoing performance to identify what worked and what did not.

And these are just starting points.

You want a good organization? Pay attention to who you hire.

Or get more “suckiness”

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