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Shhhhh...Good Job

I have read a number of accounts lately discussing employees in government and business who have done things to basically cheat the system for certain gains.

The interesting thing is that often these gains weren’t specifically for themselves but in service to “a cause” for the benefit of the firms for which they served.

So what’s the motivation? Why would they put themselves at risk for capture or prosecution for the benefit of the firm?

I might suggest that this is a cultural phenomenon. In some way perhaps the firm encourages the actions of the employee while simultaneously not wanting to know how those goals are accomplished.  In essence “shhhhh, don’t talk about it but good job”.

I am sure that some might argue that anything that benefits the firm is a good result and might build teamwork.

I would contend that any culture, no matter how unifying, that recognizes and coalesces around bad behavior is a rotten apple waiting to be cut open and discovered.

It cannot be built upon, it does not promote transparency, and it cannot last.

If you see anything like this in your firms, work to correct it early before it sours the whole organization.

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