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The Completion Trap

I don’t know about you, but I find that I can fall into what I call the “completion trap.”

Since early age we are taught to finish things; our dinner, our tasks, plays during sporting events.

Simple right?  Makes sense.

But this thought process can get in the way and here is how it happens:

Suppose we have a 45 minute workout scheduled?  What happens when we don’t have 45 minutes?  Often times we just don’t workout because we know we can’t finish.  But isn’t it better to just grab 20 minutes?  Do something?

This same pattern can hold for work projects, family get-togethers, friendships.  We have plans for large goals but never get started because we just don’t think we have the time to finish.

But this is where our thinking has to change.  Growing up we are taught to think in terms of discrete tasks but life is not a discrete task.

In life there is absolutely a finish line but none of us know when that will occur.

For me I try to bring myself back to each minute.  To do the best I can in the moment.  To keep myself moving.  Sometimes I do a great job and sometimes I fall back, but I keep trying.

Completion is important and a valuable tool but never should it stand in the way of the journey each of us chooses to take.

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