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The New is Brave

I have to admit that I can’t stand Presidential debates anymore – Republican, Democrat or otherwise.

For the years that I did listen I hoped I would hear “the new”.

But then you realize that it is more about repackaging and rebranding than actual bringing the new.

Why is this?

Because in a popularity contest the “new” can be dangerous.

The “new” is brave.  It doesn’t work with the crowd and often it works against the crowd.

The “new” is willing to stand alone.

The “new” is willing to wait a long time for acceptance.

The “new” is challenging. It asks “why not”

The “new” doesn’t ask for followers and then it leads. It leads and then it attracts followers.

Despite the hoopla we will hear in this election season you should know that the solutions to

tomorrow’s problems are coming not from people in front of a podium on a stage but via the efforts of people you don’t yet know, young and old, who have a vision that drives them forward.

The “new” is always from the ground up. It’s never from the top down.

We can recognize it in others.

And we can bring it ourselves.

So perhaps instead of watching some debates, you can go do something “new”.

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