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The Time Trap

I don’t know if any of you have the same issue but I fall into the trap of believing that if I spend more time on something I am working harder.

This comes from years of people competing on hours worked.  “Did you work 8 hours?.  Well I worked a double shift (so there).

And what happens when this thought process bumps up against possibly smarter uses of time.  For example, taking the time to exercise or taking the time to prepare healthy food.

I personally often keep working, eat badly and skip exercise.  This is not only dumb but makes me less efficient and likely more cranky.

Instead of “time” as a constant, start thinking of “smart time” and “dumb time”.  Be willing to ask yourself repeatedly “am I being effective in this moment” and, if not, find a better use for your time.

My uncle used to tell me often that time is the most valuable commodity.

This is just another reminder that we should all treat it with care.

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