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How Do People Deal with Wrong

Have you ever run into someone who never admits they were wrong?

They spout their opinion with such arrogance and certainty that they can’t even hear objections or allow for optional outcomes?

And when, in the face of being proven wrong, pretend that they never took that position in the first place?

People like this are absolutely useless to you, your team and likely harmful to any culture. Most often they have low self esteem and lack the ability to self reflect.

Grown ups know we are all wrong at some point. I am probably wrong half a dozen times before breakfast. There is nothing wrong with being wrong.

But the ability to admit you are wrong is a level of honesty. It expresses a desire to learn, get better, to improve.

Teams get built around trust. Trust comes from honesty. And honesty comes from the ability to self reflect (i.e. be honest with yourself).   Look for these traits in the people with whom you surround yourself.

If you pay attention to how people deal with “wrong” you are much closer to getting it right.

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